Sana Saeed is a politically savvy creative non-fiction writer and humourist currently based in Canada. She holds an MA in Islamic Studies from the Institute for Islamic Studies at McGill University, with a focus on modern Levantine political history.

While she writes on a diverse range of topics, she primarily is interested in U.S foreign and domestic policy; contemporary political history of the Levant; consequences of domestic counter-terrorism policies on civil liberties, Western-Muslim identity; sexuality and sex construction; effects of pornography on men and women; state-citizen-refugee relations; Black American Islamic history; European politics and social interaction with Islam and immigrants and faith-based social welfare organizations in the Muslim world.

Sana is currently the Senior Editor for islawmix, a project incubated at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law, Online Senior Editor with the Islamic Monthly, a columnist at Al Akhbar English, a former contributor at MuslimahMediaWatch, and a former contributor and Editor-in-Chief at KABOBfest. Her work has been published and discussed in The Guardian, PolicyMic, Buzzfeed, BBC, Montreal Serai, Alternatives Journal, Huffington Post, The Islamic Monthly, Racialicious, Foreign Policy, The Arabist, Al Akhbar English, AJ Stream, Jezebel, CBC, Elle, Cosmopolitan, The Genteel, AltMuslim[ah], ABC (AU) and ReadWrite.

Her personal blog for all things facetious and ethically questionable, is Aristotle’s Lackey.

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